Why There is A Tiny Pocket In Your Jeans

Here is why there is a Tiny Pocket in your Jeans

Original Jeans feature a fifth small pocket mostly usually slightly above the right hand side front pocket. The watch pocket has been referred in many names many referring it as the coin pocket. Here is everything you should know about a watch pocket.

What is another name for Watch pocket in Jeans?

The Watch pocket is also commonly referred to as fob pocket, coin pocket, condom pocket

What is the watch pocket in Jeans?

Levi Strauss & Company is credited with the invention of the blue jean. Jeans were initially work pants for Americans. According to the company, the small pockets were put in design to protect pocket watches. Watch Pocket was designed at the time to protect cowboys pocket watches from falling as they rode around on horses and worked in their ranches. They also came in hand for miners and factory workers.

Why do modern Jeans Still have watch Pockets?

In the modern world we still have interesting devices that can fit in the small watch pocket. The mp3 players (digital audio players) are still widely used with the iPod being the most common. The small pocket has also been effective for carrying coins. All the same the small pocket can fit in small things that you do not want to misplace.

Some other Uses of the Watch Pocket:

  • Use it as a pen/pencil Holder: You can put in a small size pen/pencil together with a folded piece of paper. This you can use to draft a shopping list and tick along as you pick items at the store/supermarket.
  • Use it as a key holder: One or two Keys will fit in nice and be sure not to loose them from in there. Also the car Key fob will fit in nice in the watch pocket.
  • Use it as a lighter pocket: For smokers and Campers you can use it to carry a gas lighter.
  • Use it to carry your favorite cosmetic: Lipstick, lip balm or Nail polish or a small size spray container will fit perfectly in the watch pocket.
  • Use it to carry a snack: A small pack of sweets, biscuits or gum can fit in there pretty nice.
  • Use it to carry USB stick: The USB stick fits in very well in the Watch pocket

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