Many Kenyans believe holidays and beach treats are for the rich or the so called ‘ballers’. In fact many Kenyans believe they cannot afford a holiday with their basic salary considering most of them earn about KES 20 000 to KES 30 000 a month. However, travelling is not expensive if planned according to your budget.
This is how a couple friends of mine enjoyed a Diani Beach holiday for 4 Days 3 nights at only KES 10000 per person for the whole trip, yes you got it right they only used KES 20000 for a 4 days Diani Beach that was inclusive of everything.
I know you are already curious on how KES 20000 could take you to a beach holiday with your fiancée or your lover.

How to enjoy a beach holiday in Kenya on a budget of KES 10000.

Airbnbs have become the rescuers to holiday makers on a budget and so did my couple friends take advantage of. Since they did not have kids (they were newlyweds) they booked a studio apartment fully furnished near the beach at KES 3000 per night for both of them. So they just spent KES 9000 for the accommodation for their 3 nights stay. A studio apartment is basically a furnished bedsitter with everything you need even a kitchenette. You can source and book a very nice studio apartment through and make sure you check on reviews, amenities and location of the property (definitely near the beach or just a walking distance to the beach.

After securing accommodation they booked the lucrative SGR train to Mombasa and back which costed them only KES 4000 on economy class for both of them. To book your SGR train ticket just go to and the booking process is just easy and fast.
However the SGR train arrives at Mombasa which is about 30 kilometers away from Diani Beach. They therefore had to book SGR transfer shuttles that will definitely drop you at your booked homestay in Diani Beach. This costed them KES 600 per person per way which amounted to KES 2400 for the return transfer. You do not have to be worried about pre-booking this transfers, there are more than enough shuttles at the Mombasa train stations with drivers holding banners written Diani Beach. You can even bargain a fairer rate than what they paid. When they drop you at your booked property talk with the driver to pick-you up on your last date and this is what my friends actually did.
By now the total amount was at KES 15400 that is KES 9000 for accommodation, KES 4000 for the SGR train tickets and KES 2400 for the return transfers to their homestay in Diani Beach.
All they needed was to buy food stuffs they needed during their 3 night stay which costed them just less than KES 2000. They also had enough money left from their KES 20000 to maneuver through Diani Beach and enjoy a Swahili tasty special Sea food meal (this is usually the highlight of Diani Beach).

sgr train booking
sgr train


-The prices may highly be affected by seasons, my friends have booked their holiday in the month of November 2021. At times during high & Peak seasons prices are likely to go slightly up
-It’s wise to book SGR Train in advance because at times it gets fully booked very quickly

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