How to Legally Own a Gun in Kenya

This is an explainer of how you can own a gun legally in Kenya. The Fire arms act allows Kenyans to own a gun and there is a laid down application process to acquire one. Civilians are limited to own certain types of guns usually small guns and cannot own guns used by the security organs such as AK47, G3, MP5.Guns in Kenya are regulated by Chief Licensing officer usually appointed by the Commissioner of Police.
Did you know acquiring a firearm without a firearm certificate can lead to imprisonment of up to 15 years?


  • The first step is to make a written application to the Firearm Licensing Authority officer near you. You will be issued with an application form which you will be required to fill.
  • Then fill in application forms from the Chief Licensing Officer. The application form highlights all the necessary documents you will need to submit together with the application.
  • After submitting your application you will undergo vetting by the National Intelligence Service (NIS) and be vetted again by the Firearms Licensing Board. FLB who may reject or approve your application.
  • Once the board approves your application, your application will be sent to the Inspector General of Police who will again approve or reject the application.
  • Once the Inspector General approves the application, the Firearm Licensing Board will issue the applicant with a Firearm Certificate which is valid for a year and should be renewed annually.

Requirements for Firearm License in Kenya

  • Application formal Letter stating why you need to acquire a gun
  • Duly completed & signed application form. Click Here to Download Form
  • Identification card / Passport where applicable
  • Kra Pin Certificate / Company Registration Certificate
  • Copy of Police Clearance Certificate / Good Conduct
  • Recommendation of Employer where applicable
  • 3 passport photos
  • Certified Bank Statements
  • Copies of OB Reports if any cases of threats or robbery
  • CR 12 Certificates for company directors
  • National Intelligence Report
  • Temporary permits if any
  • A letter form a psychiatrist confirming that one is of sound mind.

How Much does it cost to own a gun in Kenya?

A gun will cost you between Kes 100000 &Kes 400000

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