What is Self-Discipline?

Self-Discipline is the act of pushing on and working on your goals despite how you are feeling physically or emotionally. Self-discipline is simply the act of conquering self. It is the strongest form of self-love, loving yourself enough to work for everything you ever wanted.

It’s with discipline that you follow through on what you say you are going to do. It is how you show yourself that you can do something – as such, discipline is the key to develop confidence and self-esteem.

The major hindrance to self-discipline is usually laziness and procrastination.

How to Achieve Self-discipline

  1. Identify your Weaknesses and Strengths: – Everyone has his or her temptations and weaknesses. Identifying and accepting them is the very first step of overcoming them. Once you have identified them now work on surpassing them. However your strengths should be the driving force.
  2. Develop a Routine: – Self-discipline means setting a schedule and sticking to it. Set a schedule that works with you and stick to it without fail.
  3. Write down your goals together with the execution plan: – To reinforce your self-discipline goals, write them down and track your progress.
  4. Develop a reward system
  5. Monitor your progress
  6. Get out of your comfort zone
  7. Associate with self-disciplined people
  8. Motivate yourself: – Self-discipline heavily rely on how you push yourself. Stay motivated and take action no matter how you are feeling.
  9. Take consistent small steps: – The little steps you take matter because over time they compound and produce a really big, positive result. Doing then over and over again will create a positive habit that will add up to self-discipline. For instance if you decide to start with reading at least one page every day, with  time reading a page a day will seem too little to you and you will find yourself reading even more that 10 pages daily. It will also become a habit such that if you fail to read on a certain day, the day will seem incomplete.
  10. Have someone to check on you

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