How to apply for an American Green Card in Kenya

A Green Card is a permit that allows immigrants to permanently live and work in the United States of America. USA allows citizens of countries that does not send a lot of immigrants into the country annually to apply for a Diversity Visa program.

Have you ever dreamt to permanently live and work in the US and you are a Kenyan Citizen. You might have heard how hard it is to secure a US visa from Kenya. In fact as we write this blog US Embassy visa appointment schedules in Nairobi are available in 2024.


We have 3 major USA Green card categories with which you can apply;

  1. Green Card Lottery program Kenya (Diversity Visa program)
  2. Green Card through family
  3. Green card through Employment

Green Card Lottery Program Kenya (Diversity Visa Program)

This is usually the simplest way to get a Green Card. The United States of America offers 55,000 Green Cards (Diversity Visa Program) to qualified countries. There is a limited time each year which you can register for the Diversity Immigrant Visa program. The Department of states publishes detailed instructions including registration period for that particular fiscal year.

How to apply for a Green Card Lottery program in Kenya

All entries and submissions are done electronically through the Electronic Diversity Visa Website. Each person qualified for the application should submit their entries individually and should submit only one entry to avoid disqualification.

After submitting a complete entry you will get a confirmation webpage with your names and a confirmation number. The confirmation number is what you will use to check and track your entry status and also schedule an interview appointment at the local embassy if you get selected.

Once your Immigrant visa is approved at the embassy you will be given instructions on Visa fees and how to obtain your visa and the immigrant visa.

However to increase your chances of winning the lottery your immediate family members (spouse & Unmarried children under 21 years) who are qualified should apply as well.


  • Passport Photo Size
  • Birth certificate or National ID card

To reduce your application hustle of the application you can also apply through an online travel agent like:


Green Card Through Family

Immediate relatives of people who marry US citizens or Green Card holders qualify for a Green Card. However every individual case is subject to restrictions and application instructions. Relatives who qualify for Green card application through green card holders include;

-Spouses of Green Card holders. This are those married legally by Green card holders

-Unmarried children of Green card holders under the age of 21 years

-Unmarried children of a Green Card holder over the age of 21 years.

How to apply for Green Card through Family.

The Green Card holder files an Application with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIC). During the application the applicant provides required documents including documents of proof of family relationship. The USCIS then invites the applicants for an interview. However the application process is determined by how the applicant proof how the family relationship is authentic.

Green Card through Employment

If you would like to live and work permanently in the US there is an option to apply for an Immigrant Visa/Green Card. However this is offered to;

-Investors willing to invest in the USA and provide new jobs for Americans.

-Specific job positions available which no or few Americans can fill. (For example translators)

How to apply; The employer will file the application with the USCIS.

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