Kenya passport application and renewal is done online and a form is printed at the end of the online application process. The form will need to be signed & dated and presented with other required documents at the Immigration office together with the required documents for processing. However during the application process you will be required to upload some documents which should be in soft copy.

How do I pay for passport Fees online?

During online passport application you will need to pay passport fees which will be determined by the type of visa. Payments can be done using; mobile money, credit or Debit Card & online banking where the payment process is just easy to follow in the steps provided.

How long does it take to get Passport in Kenya?

After doing the online passport application process and the documents submitted physically at the Immigration Office, it will take at least 10 working days to get your passport though at times it may take much longer.

Requirements for Kenya passport application.

  • Passport application form
  • Original birth certificate & photocopy
  • Original National ID card & photocopy
  • Three current passport size photos
  • Recommender’s ID Card Copy
  • Consent Letter for Minors
  • Old passport for replacement
  • Parents ID cards & Copies.

Kindly note this all documents expect the passport application form will be uploaded online during the application process. You will there need them scanned and saved as soft copies

Kenyan passport online application process.

  • Register on If you already have an account with Ecitizen online proceed to Login to your account.
  • 2. After Login into your account proceed to the (Directorate of Immigration Services (New Applications) sub menu and click Get service.
how to apply for a kenyan passport online
  • Then Click on Passport Application
  • Proceed to fill the online form filling each required details without omitting or making any errors. Omissions or errors may delay or cause a decline to your Kenyan passport application.

Fill through the categories and press the NEXT button to proceed to the next page. Remember to declare all your children if you have any.

  • Upload the required documents and make sure they are clear and in the right format as indicated.
  • Choose the mode of payment and pay the passport fees with the type of passport you are applying for. Print three (3) copies of the application invoice (receipt) and the application form.
  • Book an appointment for submission of application form, required documents and enrolment of biometrics at the nearest immigration office. Kindly note you are required to appear in person during the document submission. Wait for the passport processing which normally takes about 10 working days.

How do I check if my passport is ready for collection?

You (applicant) will receive an SMS with instructions on how to collect your passport. You can also check with your Ecitizen account under Director of Immigration services your Kenyan Passport application status.

Types of Passports in Kenya.

  • 32 Pages Ordinary (A) Series   @KES 4,550
  • 48 Pages Ordinary (B) Series    @KES 6,050
  • 64 Pages Ordinary (C) Series     @KES 7,550
  • East African Passport @ KES 990
  • Diplomatic Passport 48 Pages @ KES 7,550
  • Mutilated Passport @ KES 10,050
  • Lost Passport @ KES 12,050

Where can I submit my passport application in Kenya?

Immigration Offices in Kenya / Passport Application Centers in Kenya

  • Nairobi – Nyayo House Ground Floor
  • Mombasa – UhurunaKazi  Mombasa P.o box 90284 Mombasa
  • Kisumu – New PC’s office Kisumu
  • Embu – Embu PC’s office
  • Nakuru- Regional Commissioner’s Building Nakuru P.O box 17632
  • Kisii – County Commissioners Building
  • Eldoret – Public Works Building

Passport Application Centres outside Kenya

Kenya Passport Application is also done in the following missions for Kenyans living abroad;

  • London (United Kingdom)
  • Washington DC (United States of America)
  • Berlin (Germany)
  • Pretoria (South Africa)
  • Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
  • Paris (France).

Requirements for a lost Kenyan Passport.

  1. A duly filled application Form 19 and 2 payment invoices (receipts)
  2. Original ID and a copy for Adults
  3. Personal Statement explaining circumstances for the damage
  4. Sworn Affidavit to support (iii) above
  5. Police Abstract for loss of passport
  6. Copy of the lost passport bio data page if available
  7. Payment of the prescribed fee of Ksh.12,050.00

Requirements for Kenyan Passport Change of Names

In addition to required passport application documents also include;

• Present written explanation for change of names addressed to the Passport Control Officer.

• Attach Supportive documents i.e deed poll plus the Kenya gazette notice, marriage certificate etc..

How to go about an urgent Kenyan Passport Application

If you are in need of a fast urgent/emergency passport process application due to medical reasons, studies/scholarships, work or special official assignments abroad, the department of immigration has a special desk (counter 16) at Nyayo House where you can address your application with concrete supporting documents.


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