420 The Marijuana Holiday Explained

420 and how April 20 became Marijuana day

On April 20th every year, marijuana smokers gather to smoke and celebrate the herb. But was is with April 20th that makes it the Marijuana big day.
The 420 holiday is believed to have originated from America. The Holiday came from a ritual started by a group of students in California in the 1970s. The group of California teenagers who were then students would meet at 4.20pm to smoke the herb. These teenagers that chosen the time since it was just after the end of classes daily school curriculum activities. This brought about the 420 code which was eventually converted into the 4/20 calendar celebrations.
Weed smokers globally use this day to smoke and advocate for the legalization of the herb. There is also a theory that Marijuana contain 420 chemicals.

Is weed Legal in Kenya?

Locally referred to as bhang/bangi (Swahili name for Bhang), smoking and possession of marijuana is illegal in Kenya. Any citizen found using or in possession of bhang in Kenya faces up to 8 years of imprisonment. However marijuana is still highly used in Kenya trading up to 10 Kenya Shillings per roll. The use of marijuana in Kenya has been made possible due to corruption in the various institutions responsible for maintain law and order.

Where can I buy Marijuana in Kenya?

In various cities and towns in Kenya, marijuana finds its way in slums and informal settlement and is readily available. However these areas are associated with crimes and so is the weed. Many young males in this areas are smokers of Marijuana.

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